The Fire Palace
250px-Fie Palace1
Type: Castle

Ruler: Flame King
Location: Fire Kingdom, Northwestern Ooo
Notable Inhabitants: Flame King

Flame Princess

Flame Guard

The Fire Palace is the castle of the Fire Kindom. Jake visited it in "Incendium." This main chamber has a throne for the Flame King, with a gas lamp originally containing Flame Princess hanging above. On either side of the Flame King's throne there are two sets of stairs, which many Flame Kingdom citizens seem to use as seats. At the top of these stairs is the lever which lowers Flame Princess' gas lamp. Around room there are triangular windows based on the floor, through these windows the flames outside the palace can be seen. The King and entrance to the palace are guarded by Flame Guards, the entrance appears to either be self opening or opened by some sort of code, as the runic symbol on it changes and it slides open without anyone touching it.