Flame Princess' House
185px-S4e16 Finn telling FP his poem
Type: House

Ruler: Flame Princess
Location: Near Mountain Man, Land of Ooo
Notable Inhabitants: Flame Princess (Only Inhabitant)

Flame Princess's house is the newfound home built for Flame Princess by Finn. The house itself is made up mostly 2 things: namely, wood and fire, plus a little helmet making it a perfect place for Flame Princess to live. It is the only structure built by Finn himself for a princess, making it special. The location is near the Ice Kingdom as shown when Princess Bubblegum said "Faster!" to Jake, it was revealed on "Burning Low" that the house is being surrounded by mountains nearby 2 rivers, especially the thinner river that has a bridge to cross. Right after the house was finished, Flame Princess who was very excited went inside to see it for herself and commented "I love it!" with Finn happy as well. In Ignition Piont, it revealed the contents inside of the house, furniture and other possessions of Flame Princess are found.

Episode appearances

  • "Burning Low" (built)
  • "Ignition Piont"